transmission was founded by stuart tolley (sleazenation, disappear here, esquire, the independent on saturday magazine).

we create vibrant graphic design and art direction for clients in the editorial, music, fashion, arts, film and charitable industries.

we love what we do and are very pleased to have our work feature in the following publications:
. made and sold: designers side projects
. the big book of layouts 2
. designing for a greater good
. for a good cause
. graphic design 2

our projects have also featured in the magazines: creative review, plus 81, campaign, varoom, the media guardian and belio.

we pride ourselves on bringing the same high level of commitment and creativity to every project - no matter the scale.

please take a look around our website:
and email us on:
react poster by transmission
i shot the sherif poster by transmission
dr king poster by transmission
airplane poster by transmission
hes not the messiah poster by transmission
joe the policeman poster by transmission
juice poster by transmission
soul glo poster by transmission

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