i’m a designer currently living and working in timişoara, romania.

i grew up in austria. after finishing highschool, i studied literature at the university of viena for 2 years. during that time i started working as a copyrighter for a small company in viena. once that i decided literature was too boring for me, while being lazy on insights into the human condition, i dropped my literature courses, convinced my boss to let me work freelance and moved to romania, where the cigarettes where cheaper and life more free.

there i started my design education at the faculty of arts in timişoara. i graduated with a ba degree in graphic design. after aquiring a number of direct clients, ranging from startup companies to some with revenue that exceeds 20 million euro a year, i felt the limitations to the services that i could provide and decided to extend my education on a business level. as a consequence i enlisted in the marketing strategies, visual communication and advertising masters program, which i graduated summa cum laude in late spring 2008.

currently i am running my own office in timişoara.
i love my job.

sr 00 poster by stefan romanu
sr ab poster by stefan romanu
sr bu 1 poster by stefan romanu
sr chibbit poster by stefan romanu
sr cs poster by stefan romanu
sr happy poster by stefan romanu
stefanromanu dh poster by stefan romanu

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