typo/graphic posters is an application-only project. we accept only posters that have either a strong typographical or graphical aspect.

to apply just send an email with the items below to hey@typographicposters.com

1. all the posters – digital version, RGB,
72 dpi, JPG or PNG, 2000px or more on the larger size (mininum of 6 posters)

2. captions for each poster with title, year, print size, print technique, and for who/what it was made

3. your profile:
. name / studio name
. birth / establishment date
. country and city
. short introducion/about-me information
. link to your website or portfolio
there are two key factors for approval:

1. your posters should fit in our focus.
we don't showcase work that is pure illustration, drawing or photography. they should have a strong typographical or graphical aspect (shapes, forms, colors or any expressive visual aspect).

2. besides meeting a minimum quality standard, your posters should be able to build a body of work, a worthwhile showcase of your qualities.
please also follow these guidelines:

. type experimentation and illustrative posters are not exactly our goal. we face posters as a medium for design applications

. we appreciate posters by their design, so always send the digital files. photo of the printed poster can complement, but please disregard photo montages

. as a custom a poster should be designed considering its print and how it would be viewed in public space
also, please be comprehensive.

typo/graphic posters is a personal project that is maintained on our extra hours
and weekends. sorry if we take a while
to answer.