HOAX is a graphic design agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The agency was born out of a shared love for typography, material and experimentation amongst Bram Buijs, Sven Gerhardt & Steven van der Kaaij – the agency’s founders.

Nothing is static in HOAX; experimentation is everything. We don’t operate from templates or formulas, but rather tackle each project afresh. It’s a nuts and bolts approach, which allows us to find the right visual language to communicate your ideas.

The visual world can be chaotic but the method by which we work means that the development of your ideas is unique and that the end product reaches out from the chaos to communicate them in a clear, straightforward and always original way.

for more work go to www.hoaxhoaxhoax.com
gl1 poster by hoax
gl2 poster by hoax
gl3 poster by hoax
bedford1 poster by hoax
bedford2 poster by hoax
the grid poster by hoax
mie poster by hoax
hlfo 01 poster by hoax
familynight online poster by hoax

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