lead designer and partner at acme, a design office in bucharest. i am specialized in lettering and illustration.

i am a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in bucharest as a lead designer and partner at the graphic design offices of acme industries. although i gained a ba in graphic design, i consider myself to be self-taught.

i've always been fascinated with the exploration of new shapes and new typefaces. essentially, i've never quit doing typography ever since i learned how to write. it later evolved in graffiti, tattoos and towards digital.

i work with simple materials, normally starting with pencil and paper. once these are combined, there follows a lot of thought. it's this combination between the process and the study that directs everything towards shape.
it may mean deconstructing classic typefaces. when reconstructing them,
i always search for new ways they can be improved. grids and balance obviously hold an important role in this process.

typography today is a combination of styles. each designer combines elements from his own visual culture to create new and original type. starting with the need to communicate by the invention of readable type, the world today is more in search of originality. the difference between traditional typefaces and present-day is equally defined by social and political changes that the world has undergone. previously created for simple needs and mass communication, contemporary illustrative typography speaks towards the niches that corporate culture and brands have built up.

the aim to create something complex and original is obvious but you want your viewer to decrypt your message. there are alternative recipes that viewers find themselves attracted to and as a designer, i am aware of these. typography has two main purposes: to communicate a message and to create an image. the observer sees them both. it all depends on how he decides to look at them.typography will continue to evolve as the mainstream always embraces anything that's cool. this is how magazines, videos and tv stations function. it is what they're all about. but good typo will always outrun trends and time.

my advice to young creatives is do what you feel and don't mind the trends around you. keep experimenting. one can never know the real value of what you’ve just done. don't be afraid of saying what you think. find out what distracts you and eliminate it. simplify.

"inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

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