dr. alderete
patagonia argentina, 1971

pop illustrator, who uses trash culture, 50's science fiction films, wrestling and surf music imagery in his psychotronic illustrations, animations and comics.

he graduated from the school of fine arts in the universidad nacional de la plata, argentina, as a designer in visual communication. as an independent animator, he has worked for mtv latin america and japan, nickelodeon latin america and brazil. he has been coordinator of the animation section on the internet for mtv latin america.

his work has been published in several specialized anthologies for example: illustration now! and latin american graphic design (taschen); illusive, pictoplasma, los logos series, latino, play loud, (die gestalten verlag); place (actar); tatto icon 3 (victionary); iconography ii (idn), kustom graphics (korero books) etc. etc.

he is the co-owner of the independent record label isotonic records, specialized in instrumental rock. in 2006 he open kong, the first design store and gallery in mexico. from 2006 he is the curator of the terraza space in the cultural center of spain in mexico. in 2007, with andres amaya, he forms plan b, the first urban vinyl toy production company in mexico. in 2008 he published his book "i am a nobody" with the french publisher black cat bones celebrating its first 10 years in mexico city.

recently he joins up with clarisa moura to open vertigo gallery which is gradually transformed into an independent cultural center with exhibits focused in desing and illustration, but also with workshops, courses, film and video, book and music store.currently he mostly works as an illustrator, for different publishing and media ventures in argentina, mexico, spain, italy, germany, portugal, usa, switzerland, finland, etc. he works in his lab at mexico city.

dr. alderete is represented in europe by pocko ( www.pocko.com) and usa by bernstein & andriulli ( www.ba-reps.com)
cartel alicia 15 de agosto poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia 17 de julio poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia 20 de marzo poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia agosto18 poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia diciembre05 poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia joevolume poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia junio07 poster by dr. alderete
cartel alicia wau poster by dr. alderete
alicia  poster by dr. alderete
cartel charades poster by dr. alderete
cartel coronas poster by dr. alderete
cartel don poster by dr. alderete
lost cuchara poster by dr. alderete
losteuropa2006 poster by dr. alderete
tyipo 10 anos poster by dr. alderete

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